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Build your mobile and desktop stores for your digital content (ebooks, PDFs, audiobooks, galleries, videos), integrate them with your existing SSO and CRM systems. Get PubCoder Shelf© with no worries: Conversa has a twenty-years experience in guiding the digital transformation.



PubCoder Shelf© is your branded library platform that allows your customers to buy, download and enjoy your digital content through a native app for iOS and Android and a web app for desktop. It supports interactive publications, PDFs and audiobooks.

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PubCoder Shelf© is a modern all-in-one capable of integrating with your existing tools. Whether it’s user data, content or learning objects, a set of APIs will allow a seamless integration with any modern management software.



Create your customized Library App for iOS, Android devices and the web. You can sell your content with the in-app-purchase system, auto-renewing subscriptions, coupon codes or custom unlocking mechanisms (e.g. to prove purchase of a physical good). You may distribute it for free. And you can also provide a free, fully customisable demo of your content for your users to try before buying.

De Agostini Learning Management System


De Agostini Learning Management System

Cideb E-readers by DeAgostini is a SHELF made for kids and their teachers: it contains beautiful e-textbooks to read and listen to, animations to play with and many interactive activities for smartphones and tablets. The books, created with PubCoder, are made for an educational and engaging experience. Users can buy individual titles, purchase a subscription, learn and do the assessments assigned by the teachers.
The user database is synchronized with the publisher's internal database management system, with a single-sign on implemented on the web and mobile platform.

Caelestis Learning Management System


Learning Management System for a Philippines based Media Company

A Philippines based Media Company, uses PubCoder Shelf as a Learning Management System Platform to enable students from various universities with a complete digital solution for teaching and learning. Starting from medical books, the Media Company used PubCoder as the Authoring Tool to create interactive e-textbooks with videos, assignments and more, published and available to students through a mobile application and a website where students can learn and train, in class or at home. The students and teachers database is integrated with the Company’s internal tool, a dashboard data visualization has been designed specifically for enabling teachers to monitor their students.

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